How to Prevent Getting Herpes

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While water glasses, towels and toothbrushes pose essentially no danger, to relieve anxiety, avoid sharing these while active sores are present.

The possibility of developing many kinds of infections through poor sanitary habits is always present, so it is good practice to avoid sharing personal toiletries when you have any kind of surface infection. (You have a human obligation to others.) Similarly, you should be especially careful about what, or who, you come into contact with if you have an open cut or sore in the skin. (You have a responsibility to yourself as well as to others.)

Some very young children have acquired genital herpes without “sexual” contact. The explanation for this is that the virus has been placed there by immediate transfer on a finger or towel from a facial sore that the baby has or a herpes sore that another person has, not from a towel that has been used some time before. As you know, babies are very active and very sexual. If a baby has facial herpes, be as careful as you can about the possibility of self-transfer by keeping the baby’s hands off the sore. 

The bottom line here, as in other areas of life, is that almost everything is possible but the fact that it takes a lot of virus and direct contact with a mucous membrane or open skin abrasion to create a productive infection reduces the probability of contracting herpes from inanimate objects to essentially zero! There has yet to be a case reported of herpes being caused in this way. Simple hygiene will relieve anxiety. Learn more at

Obsessive fear of the possibility of contracting herpes in this way is a much more serious pathology than having herpes according to

Some Preventative Measures

  • Don’t have genital intercourse when you or your partner have genital sores
  • Don’t have oral sex when you or your partner have; either oral or genital sores.
  • Use a condom when prodromal signs are present...

The choice to use a condom when sores are present is yours to make after recognizing the risks to yourself and your partner. My advice is don’t have intercourse at all when sores are present. Condoms will help protect against asymptomatic shedding. 

When there are prodromal signs, avoid rough handling of the tissue around the rash area. If friction is a problem in general, use a lubricant such as K-Y jelly.

Don’t poke and prod sores to check their progress. If you have facial herpes look out for conscious or unconscious mannerisms which could spread the virus such as rubbing your chin licking a painful or itching part of your lip or covering it with saliva because it seems like a good idea.

After cleaning and drying, leave the rash alone, and have everyone else leave it alone, especially babies. There’s no need for elaborate precautions as far as sleeping in bed 35 with your partner is concerned. Wear cotton underwear over genital sores and avoid kissing with lip sores. Your ‘ partner will not pick up herpes from the pillows or bed I sheets according to

Wash your hands if they come in contact with the virus, especially first thing in the morning before you rub your eyes, or before inserting or removing contact lenses.

Never use saliva as the wetting agent whether or not you have herpes. If you think you have been exposed to herpes, or if you have exposed anyone, take a shower and have them do likewise. Wash the area with soap and water. Now, obviously, I’m again simply talking good hygiene, and a little obsessively at that. As I said earlier, this should become automatic habit very quickly, then the mental obsession can be dropped. The virus cannot penetrate undamaged skin, so don’t be paranoid about it just be careful. Exercise good normal hygiene and you will have no problem with either self-transfer, which is rare anyway, or transmission to partners.

How to Prevent Getting Herpes

After reading this chapter it should be fairly clear what measures you can take to help protect yourself from transmitting herpes. The information also can be used to protect yourself from getting herpes. I will spell it out so as there is no misunderstanding. Learn more at

KNOW YOUR PARTNER. This is probably the most important point. Does your partner know what he or she is doing with your body, or your life? By the same token, do you know what you are doing with him or her? A little information goes a long way in making decisions about your well-being.

LOOK. If someone has a cold sore, stay away from it. As far as genital play is concerned, appearance of anything that shouldn’t be there is always cause for concern. Now you don’t need a microscopic examination to disrupt your whole evening. In normal sex play you can get a fair idea if anything is amiss without playing Sherlock Holmes. Take your time and play a little. Get to know your partner’s body, which should be a pleasure in itself. Who wants to rush sex anyway?


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