Boost your stamina in bedroom?

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How do you boost your stamina in bedroom? You've got to keep training it like any muscle I've been doing kegel everyday 200 with 3 second holds everyday and my erections are getting stronger, the erection is also standing taller like 45* from the abs, than erect at 90* before

So even after I've been doing kegel for 3 weeks, you can be sure that you'll benefit from stronger erections that stand taller, even had the glory to feel the increase in size as it was always slightly floppy, I'd say kegel exercises is a must according to

So far I've not noticed kegel working with premature ejaculation, I've probably noticed a slight increase in it, were I'm far more turned on since giving up viewing and given up looking at women on the streets in a sexual way.

I'd say like others have said, focus on your breathing, if you can keep yourself in side her, if you feel like it's too much then pull out and begin licking her out and kissing her and then go back

I'd say start counting in your head, every thrust is 1, go to 10 and pause and kiss her and then keep doing that, then speed it up and do 5 fast thrusts. Learn more at

Think of it like couch to 5k but it's not running its thrusting, it's what I'm currently thinking of doing, if it works for running then using that same method should work for premature ejaculation, remember to take 1 day off, so make love every other day and you will improve and you'll grow closer together

Also lick her and try and get her to climax first, that way it shows her that you care and that she will feel more inclined to make you cum, it's a win win.

This is a bit tentative...

I stopped with Vigrx Plus when I realized how it harms my sexual tension with women (see my reflection journal post 1 and post 19). Realizing how it harms real world connection with women, feeling it in your gut, feeling hurt in your body, feeling down and slightly numb. That will make you stop.

I have the same reaction when I eat candy, for example. For some reason, when I eat candy I have an automatic association that oil is gliding down my throat, into my stomach and I almost drown in it. Nowadays, I don't eat much candy either.

This sounds like pulling the schlong with hand in flaccid and erect state for a few minutes (?).

You having success with this little pulling is not logical to me and not consistent with what i have read at thundersplace over the years and also my own experience (eg i tried the pulling for 3 months, not pulling just minutes but hours - but more importantly countless guys on thunder report their results and i have never read something like that).

Sorry, this makes just no sense to me, if a little pulling in just 20 days makes you go from 5.5 x 4.5 to 6.1 x 4.9 then we would all have monster dicks (i wonder if it's even biologically possible to grow so much schlong in 20 days)There is a chance that you might have too much tension in your PC muscles and are going around with a very tightly clenched PC muscle. This can lead to lower back pain and chronic pelvic tension. This is important to note if you feel a lot of pain or tension around your PC muscles.  Now insert your finger just past your G-Spot to the 2nd tier of PC muscles and squeeze again. Notice if this feels like more or less pressure on your finger than the first tier. Pump and then push out and notice if you feel a difference. Is one stronger than the other? How is your comfort level with pushing out? Learn more at

 Insert your finger as deep as you can go to the 3rd tier of muscles. You might not reach your cervix but try to get as close and as deep as you can. Try squeezing your finger and notice the kind of pressure you feel deep inside.  If you want to look in the mirror, you can see the muscles around the anus moving when you push.  Simply observe and remember what kind of pressure you felt on your finger with each tier. You will want to check in again after a couple weeks of doing your exercises to see how much stronger you are than this first time. You’ll most likely be very impressed with your progress if you do them somewhat consistently. Learn more at,1996559697,solenoidrocks.html


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